Sunday, June 15, 2008

happy father's day

Dear Daddy,

We made you this tie to wear because we love you so much!  

You are the best daddy in whole wide world.  You play with us everyday.  You take us camping and build tents for us in the backyard so we can sleep under the stars.  You read us stories and tuck us in at night.  You take us to the donut store and always make sure we get our favorite donut.  You cook us dinner and help mommy with the housework.  You always make sure we have clean pj's and that our fishy gets fed.  You take us to Target to look at the cars, legos and Star Wars toys, and we always get a yummy slurpie on our outings there.  You take us to the library to get a new set of books each week.   You teach us many things; to ride our scooters, to play baseball, to do what is right and to be mommy's big helpers.  We could never ask for a better daddy than you.  Happy Father's Day daddy, we sure do love you!

Love your sweet boys,
Jack and Kyle

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The Gray Family said...

now THAT is a high-fashion tie :>) Hooray for the good daddies in our life!